Efficient cooling solutions

A cooling machine (chiller) is a thermodynamic system that, thanks to cyclic transformations (refrigeration cycles), transfers heat from a cold environment (lower temperature) to a warm one (higher temperature) using mechanical work (L) provided from outside. The work provided to the chiller can be of different nature:

  • in case of steam compression chillers, the energy spent within the cycle has the form of a compression work, executed by a compressor in order to change the cooling fluid from steam to liquid state.
  • in case of absorption chillers, the amount of electric energy supplied to power a compressor is almost entirely replaced by low temperature heat (about 90-120°C). These machines work with a binary mixed bromide lithium/water or ammonia/water process fluid. An application of this kind is particularly useful when process waste heat is available (exhaust gas, hot waste water, etc.) together with the necessity to produce “cold” at temperatures not lower than 3-4°C (typically for environment cooling).

In both cases, RENOVIS guarantees the technological solutions at highest COP (Coefficient of Performance) possible, i.e. at the lowest consumption with produced outcome being equal.

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