Opportunities for lighting efficiency improvement

Artificial lighting is a significant cost in a company’s economy, and because of that, it might be worthy to perform some improvements on it, which may be about:

  • replacing components and systems (lamps, power supplies, lighting bulbs, regulators) with more efficient ones
  • using automatic systems to regulate the lighting points (such as brightness and presence sensors), as well as to switch them on and off.

High efficiency lamps allow to consume less power for the same brightness level. A wide range of high efficiency lamps is available on the market: compact and tubular fluorescent, halogen, LED, etc. A proper regulation allows, in addition to less consumptions, the light flow to be more uniform flow and the lamp to last longer. This regulation is performed by actuators according to specific logics (time, level of brightness and uniformity, presence of people, etc.).

RENOVIS guarantees a proper optimization of terms of electric energy consumed for artificial lighting, which translates into significant medium-long term savings.
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