• Producing steam with recovered energy

Producing steam with recovered energy

NATURAL GAS SAVING (365.000 scm/year)
The project consists in recovering the thermal energy contained in the fumes coming out of 10 chimneys of a tunnel kiln for the baking of bakery products (crackers) located in an important industrial leader in its sector. The recovery of this thermal waste is carried out by means of two successive stages of heat exchange, specially dimensioned and carried out. The first stage of heat exchange allows to produce saturated steam at 5 bar by means of a RSG (Recovery Steam Generator) based on Heat Pipe technology. The steam produced at zero cost is used for all the plant's process requirements. Thanks to this recovery, a large part of the plant's steam requirements is now supplied by this plant. The second stage of heat exchange was used to heat a flow of water drawn from 70°C to 90°C and put it back into the return line of the plant's closed circuit. This water is used to integrate the process needs (maintenance in temperature of fats for food use, hot sanitary water and water for washing, etc.) and the microclimatic winter needs of the production departments. 

Under ex-ante conditions, all the heat required for the processes described was produced by means of natural gas boilers.

Results obtained:

  • Thermal energy saving: 3.536.000 kWh/year
  • Primary energy saving: 304 Toe/year
  • Saving of natural gas: 365.000 scm/year
  • CO2 not released into the atmosphere: 712 tons/year
  • Payback intervention: about 36 months

The system has been equipped with a monitoring system able to measure and historicize the post-intervention consumption. This is essential for taking stock of and verifying the energy savings achieved.

The intervention has been analysed, designed and implemented by RENOVIS.
  • Producing steam with recovered energy
  • Producing steam with recovered energy
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