Conference: Zero-cost heat and power recovery for the food industry

Thursday, October 24, 2019, 3:00 p.m., Innovation Hall Hall Hall 4 - Cibus Tec-Parma

Heat loss represents a waste for the company as well as environmental damage. The dairy, bakery and canning industries are particularly distinguished by their high-energy use. 

Thermal energy
  • cooking of preparations and raw materials
  • Stabilisation and preservation of food 
  • Production of hot water, superheated water or steam for washing, sterilising and heating

  • Process and microclimatic cold production (refrigeration machines)
  • Compressors
  • Handling of electrical machinery throughout the production cycle
Renovis, starting from the analysis of the process and the specific needs of the customer, designs and develops systems for recovering waste heat from ovens, cooking systems and, more generally, from all the company's thermal energy production systems. The recovery is carried out, for example, by taking fumes at high temperatures and exploiting the residual enthalpy to produce:

  • Steam, 
  • Hot or superheated water 
  • Hot air 
  • Chilled or icy water through absorption systems.
During the conference of 24 October, organized at the Cibus Tec exhibition in Parma, Renovis will illustrate some successful cases in the food industry in terms of economic savings, energy and environmental impact: 

  • Barilla - production of steam and diathermic water from waste fumes from cracker cooking at the Novara plant 
  • Mondelez Saiwa - production of superheated water and diathermic water from the fumes coming out of the biscuit baking ovens at the Capriata D'Orba (AL) plant. 
  • Emiliana Conserve - recovery of the thermal energy released by the combustion fumes of the Thermal Power Plant for the optimized production of process steam at the Busseto (PR) plant.
  • Vidrala Italy - heating and production of the process cold in glassworks from the hot air expelled from the annealing furnaces of the bottles at the plant in Corsico (MI). 
At the Conference will take part Ing. Alan Carnevali (Sales Engineer - RENOVIS Rational Energy Solutions), Ing. Alessandro Brizzi (Sales Director - RENOVIS Rational Energy Solutions) with the participation of: Ing. Angelo Patander (Barilla G. & R. Fratelli S.p.a.), Ing. Domenico Carubia ( Mondelez Saiwa ), Ing. Renato Bellafronte ( Vidrala Italia Srl ).

Thursday, October 24, 2019, 3:00 p.m., Innovation Hall 4 - Cibus Tec-Parma 
"Heat and cold energy at no cost in food plants"

  • Conference: Zero-cost heat and power recovery for the food industry
  • Conference: Zero-cost heat and power recovery for the food industry
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