Energy and business performances: how to improve performance and reduce waste with energy management

Energy management

In a time when Italian companies bear the highest energy costs in Europe (data collected by the Energy Observatory of the CNA Study Centre), with a +27.8% for the cost of electricity and a +13.7% for gas compared to all other countries, learning to manage better the energy used in production plants means being able to reduce fixed costs and ensure more stability to themselves. According to a research by Confartigianato, for example, in 2018 micro-small businesses have spent more than 11 thousand euros in energy, and being able to reduce even a small part of that figure could make the difference for any company of that size.

To be able to achieve an ambitious goal such as reduce energy costs, which has always been pursued and desired by all businesses, it is necessary to aim for a new, different and more effective approach to energy management. How to do it? By investing in the development of energy management techniques and more effective methods of procurement and use of the same. Only in this way, is it possible to improve company performance and begin to perceive energy no longer as a fixed cost, but as a growth factor and a multiplier of value.

To identify the most suitable energy management technique, companies have to draw up, first of all, an energy use evaluation, i.e. a detailed analysis of consumption. This type of study is fundamental because it allows us to identify the costs and benefits of the company's current energy system. From the data obtained through this survey, it will be possible to find out where the costs are most concentrated and to bring to light any waste. Renovis Rational Energy Solutions, ESCO certified UNI CEI 11352 that operates throughout Italy, can help companies in this phase through the preparation of an Energy Audit.

It is essential to implement solutions for industrial energy efficiency, the basis of the second phase of energy management programs. Great action plans that can be developed are the identification and installation of innovative energy systems and the internal production of the energy necessary for the use of part or all of the plant.

The constant monitoring of the performance of the plants and the comparison with the expectations provided by the new energy policy, allow to maintain control over the work undertaken and to understand if the road taken is the right one, so as to be able to plan the next cycle of improvement or promptly correct the errors made in the previous phases.

Developing energy management actions does not only mean investing to increase the benefits in the short run (economic savings on all) but also betting on the future of the company. Less energy waste translates into a more valued corporate image and less dependence of the company on external factors, including energy suppliers.

Anyone interested in reducing energy costs by investing in energy efficiency in their production facilities can contact Renovis Rational Energy Solutions. The team of specialized engineers and technicians who work for the company will draw up a customized action plan for each customer with a project explicitly designed to increase the energy efficiency of the plant.

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