National Energy Efficiency Fund: operational rules

What is the FNEE, the National Energy Efficiency Fund?

As stated by Legislative Decree no. 102 of July 4, 2014, the National Energy Efficiency Fund is a rotary incentive for Public Administration, ESCOs and businesses, created to mobilize private investment to implement energy efficiency measures on production plants, production processes and buildings. Its primary goal is to help those entities to achieve the targets set by Italy for energy saving and consumption cut required by the EU by 2020.

Operating for years in the field of energy efficiency and having made many practical applications so far (you can find them here), Renovis Energy can help you by sharing useful information to get your incentive from the FNEE. The fund totals  310 million and can be refinanced and increased by central and regional governments and non-profit organizations, as well as by public administration and organizations if they consider it useful for the development of new activities to improve the energy efficiency of the country's industry.

Invitalia, the National Agency for the attraction of investments and business development, owned by the Ministry of Economy, is in charge of the organization and distribution of incentives.

The types of facilities available

The facilities are made available to the recipients of the fund in two different ways:

  • warranties on individual financing operations that can cover up to 80% of eligible costs for amounts from €150 thousand to €2.5 million and with a maximum duration of 15 years;
  • subsidized loans, which for ESCOs and companies will cover up to 70% of the subsidized costs for amounts between 250 thousand and 4 million € and will have a maximum duration of 10 years, while for the PA they will cover up to 60-80% of the expenses for amounts between 150 thousand and 2 million € and a maximum duration of 15 years.
With its experience and expertise, Renovis Energy can provide you with all the information you need, both to obtain the necessary guarantees for the financing (transactions to which 30% of the total fund is allocated), and to take advantage of the actual supply and correctly use of the subsidized rate loans (to which 70% of the total fund is dedicated) which, among other things, under certain conditions and within certain limits, can also be combined with other corporate incentives obtained.

Activities and expenses admitted by the FNEE

The directive clarifies in a precise and detailed way the activities and expenses for which ESCOs, companies and public administrations can apply for the facilities made available by the National Energy Efficiency Fund.

To date, the activities that can be financed are:
  • the reduction of energy consumption in industrial processes;
  • the energy requalification of buildings;
  • the efficiency of public services and infrastructures, including public lighting;
  • the construction and/or implementation of district heating and cooling networks and plants.
Eligible expenses relate to consultancy services, work on the building envelope, specific infrastructure and plant, machinery and equipment.

The requirements for applying for the facilities

Call the 0321966707 to get in touch with Renovis consultants and find out if you have the requirements to access the National Fund. According to what is established by law, in fact, can apply for benefits companies and ESCOs that:

  • have been established for at least 2 years and are on the Italian register of companies or, in the case of locations outside the national territory, the companies that have a legal personality recognized in the State of residence as resulting from the corresponding register of companies and that, at the time of application, have at least one branch in Italy;
  • are in the full and free exercise of their rights;
  • keep separate accounts;
  • comply with the Deggendorf commitment;
  • shall not be regarded as a firm in difficulty;
  • are in compliance with the regulations in force;
  • have obtained certification in accordance with UNI CEI 11352 (requirement only for ESCOs).

How to apply for FNEE incentives

To apply for the FNEE funds, you must send in a request to the designated office; the applications are evaluated according to the chronological order of arrival and within 60 days of submission. Funds are not distributed according to a ranking.

Applications may be submitted from May 20, 2019, exclusively through the Invitalia website. Their potential beneficiaries will also find all the forms needed to fill in the application, divided according to the type of applicant.

Get in touch with Renovis for more information about the benefits of the National Energy Efficiency Fund by filling out the contact form.
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